Desperate people! ‘Nunes’ jumps into practice and squeezes ‘Wolves’ and quickly releases him into the ‘boat’

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Mateus Nunes angered Wolverhampton Wanderers wanted to move to Manchester City, so he didn’t come to practice with his teammates. in hopes of compelling the wolf to release

Mateus Nunes, midfielder of the Portuguese  national team, has been in the news. do not want to play for Wolverhampton Wanderers anymore, having informed the club that He wanted to move to Manchester City, a rival in the สมัคร ufabet league, and did not come to train with the agency to force them to comply with his wishes, while Wolves are preparing to take disciplinary measures against this star for breaking the rules.

Desperate people! 'Nunes' jumps into practice and squeezes 'Wolves' and quickly releases him into the 'boat'

The 25-year-old star missed the latest game as Wolves beat Everton 1-0 on Saturday. Due to being banned from being sent off from the field in a 1-4 defeat to Brighton. He had the opportunity to help the team in the Carabao Cup match against Blackpool on Tuesday. But he did not travel. Practice and wait for the team transfer deal to be completed. Before the football transfer market closes this Friday, September 1.

The Athletic reports that Nunes hopes the Molineux Ground team will green light to join Pep Guardiola’s team After an offer worth about 47 million pounds, or about 2,103 million baht. The Blue Sails submitted last week was rejected by Wolverhampton. Estimated at no less than 60 million pounds or about 2,685 million baht to part with their star.

west midlands team Spent a record amount of money for the club last season, approximately 38 million pounds, or approximately 1,687 million baht, plus an additional bonus of 4.2 million pounds, or approximately 186 million baht. To sign a contract from Sporting Lisbon and this player . It proved important in helping the team finish 13th in the English top league table. So they didn’t want to let go.

As for City , they have been interested in Nunes since playing in the French league, along with the absence of   Kevin De Bruyne, the talented army man who had surgery to treat a hamstring injury. Failing to help the team for at least 4 months makes it necessary to quickly look for new players to join the army. At this time, personal conditions have already been agreed with the players. It only remains to talk about the price.