Lose weight like IF with 6 popular methods that are popular among beautiful people.

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Many young people who are interested in losing weight with IF may have an understanding that it is a diet and diet only. but in reality. The IF diet also has a variety of methods to choose from. Today we bring 6 ways to lose weight like IF that are very popular for women. Let’s get used to it.

Lose weight like IF with 6 popular methods that are popular among beautiful people.

1.Lean Gains
Lean Gains is one of the most popular IF weight loss methods compared to other methods. In this way, there will be a principle of 16:8, that is, fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. In the beginning, it is recommended to fast for only 14 hours and eat for 10 hours when the body begins to adjust. Therefore Gradually increase the duration of fasting up to 16 hours according to the formula.

2.Fast 5
For IF weight loss using the Fast 5 method, there is a rather difficult way, that is, eating 5 hours, then fasting for 19 hours continuously. It is a method that requires a lot of patience in dieting.

3.Eat Stop Eat
In part of the IF, the Eat Stop Eat method has steps by fasting about 1-2 times a week. In which during the fasting can eat light food. According to the number of calories that the body needs each day, Eat Stop Eat is a rather difficult method. And if the practice is not correct or can’t control your emotions well enough It will cause irritability inevitably. And that will have a negative effect on the body accordingly.


IF weight loss using the 5:2 method will have the following steps โปรโมชั่น ufabet: Eat a normal diet for 5 days and eat a fasting diet for 2 days. However, those who lose weight can choose whether to fast consecutively or to eat at a distance of fasting. Which method of fasting is not starving without eating anything. But it will eat less food from the original itself.

5.Warrior Diet
The Warrior Diet method is one of the IF weight loss methods that is considered brutal. Because there is a method that is fasting for 20 hours and eating for only 4 hours, which will require only one large meal. However, the diet must focus on protein and fresh vegetables. and while fasting People who lose weight can drink or eat a small amount of low-calorie foods.

The last method of IF weight loss that is very popular is ADF, also known as Alternate Day Fasting, which is the most brutal and heavy method compared to the 5 methods mentioned above. because it uses the method of fasting and eating every other day On fasting days, dieters can eat low-calorie foods.

Seeing the difference of each method to lose weight like IF already. Are there any methods that satisfy your liking? However, do not forget to choose a method that is suitable for your own physical condition first. Don’t pressure or force yourself too much. Because otherwise it may cause weight loss ineffective. because there may be giving up on the way there