How to eat “calcium” to truly benefit your bones?

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If you buy calcium supplements to eat to nourish your bones. You must eat the right way to get results. Health has information from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phongsak Yuktanan, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society to share with you.

How to eat "calcium" to truly benefit your bones?

What is calcium?

Calcium is the most common mineral in the body. which is all contained in the bones and teeth In the body of a person weighing 50 kilograms, there will be approximately 1 kilogram of calcium. Calcium plays an important role in the functioning of almost every part of the body. And most importantly, it also has the function of building bones. which is the main structure of the ufabet body

Choosing to eat calcium to get results

  1. Calcium that is well soluble in water includes calcium citrate. Calcium Lactate Gluconate Eating calcium effervescent tablets Or the drinking powder will dissolve better than the tablet type.
  2. Eating 600-800 milligrams at a time is better absorbed than larger amounts.

Calcium should be taken with the evening meal. Because the night time is the time when calcium flows out of the bones the most. Higher calcium content prevents it from leaking out of the bones. Prevents bone thinning

Choosing to eat calcium to get the most benefit

  1. Choose a formula that contains calcium citrate. and calcium lactate gluconate in order to dissolve in water well
  2. Choose calcium that contains vitamin D. To help with the absorption of calcium. and is beneficial to the bones

In the case of calcium carbonate ingredients, calcium should be taken after eating. Because the stomach is acidic, it helps calcium carbonate break down and dissolve in water better.