Consume high sodium foods Risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure

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Calcium is important for the body. Especially pregnant women , breastfeeding women and the elderly who not only build bone mass for the mother’s strength. It is also important for building bones and teeth in the fetus to be born completely and strong. For the elderly, it is necessary to maintain bone mass. Therefore, in addition to eating foods rich in calcium, it is necessary. You must be careful about consuming foods that may become a problem for strengthening bones and teeth.

Consume high sodium foods Risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure

Prof. Dr. Narattaphon Phutthaphan, Director of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences and lecturer in the Department of Physiology Faculty of Science and principal researcher of the Calcium and Bone Research Unit Faculty of Science Mahidol University and associate members of the Royal Society Bureau of Science Health science subject type Department of Physiology Revealed the research done in collaboration with the Calcium and Bone Research Unit. Faculty of Science Mahidol University and the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization). Which is under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation).

From the assumption of the relationship between the development of high blood pressure. Consuming foods that contain excessive amounts of sodium and the occurrence of osteoporosis that there might be a connection. They used a 3D x-ray machine using synchrotron light on the bones of laboratory rats suffering from high blood pressure. Both from genetic factors or excessive sodium intake

It was found that the microstructure of the bones of these laboratory rats had more pores than normal laboratory rats. Therefore leading to the conclusion that Both excessive sodium consumption and high blood pressure Can have a negative effect on bones. Causing osteoporosis. And the more you already have risk factors for high blood pressure. It will increase the risk of osteoporosis as well. The research results have been published in the academic journal “Scientific Reports” which is a leading journal from the United Kingdom.

“Osteoporosis” can be found in both women and men. But it most often occurs as a problem in women during menopause. This is due to the deterioration of the ทางเข้า ufabet body from the lack of estrogen, which plays an important role in bone formation. Maintain bone mass and prevent bone decay And it will even affect the development of disease. When there is still a habit of eating salty foods

However, even too much sodium can cause harm to the body. But if you consume the right amount of sodium according to the Department of Health Ministry of Public Health recommends It will have a positive effect on the absorption of both calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals necessary for building bone tissue. Therefore, it should not be considered that Sodium or salty foods are the culprit. But actually, the danger from salty food comes from improper consumption.

In addition, the researchers hope that the results of the study will be extended to the surveillance of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the population of all age groups. which gives importance to only one disease It may not provide results that cover other diseases that may be linked to each other. It hopes to inspire the new generation to seriously study basic science. before progressing to advanced science This requires basic science to explain various assumptions correctly. in order to obtain accurate research results It can be practically applied to add further value. For example, currently researchers have developed several formulas of calcium supplements. It has elements suitable for people with high blood pressure.