9 ways to treat dry eyes that can be found at all ages

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Dry eye is a very common disease. This is a condition in which the amount of tears is not enough to nourish and moisturize the eye surface. Dry eye syndrome can also occur in all genders and ages. And although most dry eye symptoms are not severe, But it can cause problems and disturb the daily life quite a bit. If left for long periods of time, it can cause chronic inflammation leading to a risk of blindness as well. Today we would like to bring to you how to treat dry eyes so that girls can use it to take care of themselves when faced with dry eyes.

1. Artificial tears that contain preservatives
Preservative artificial tears are one of the treatments that doctors recommend to moisturise the eyes. This group of artificial tears should be used no more than 4 times a day, morning, noon, evening and before bedtime. It is an ideal remedy for mild dry eyes. However, in the group of artificial tears that contain preservatives, there are many types of preservatives used. which some types will disintegrate when exposed to the eyes or exposed to light

2. Artificial tears without preservatives
As for the artificial tears, the group does not contain any preservatives. Doctors tend to recommend frequent use. Throughout the day in case of very dry eyes This group of artificial tears looks like a small tube. When opened, it will last for only 24 hours. The bottle will have a special valve system. Which can be used for up to 6 months. This group of artificial tears can be used as often as needed or every 1-2 hours and is suitable for people with very severe dry eyes. Including people with dry eyes in general can be used as well.

3. Stimulant drugs cause tears.
Secretogogue such as Diquafosol is a drug that increases the production of tears in the mucous layer and the water layer.

4. Medicine to reduce inflammation of the eyelids.
As for drugs that reduce inflammation of the eyelids. It will be drugs such as antibiotics, Doxycycline, etc.

5. Steroids Eye Inflammatory
Drugs Steroids are drugs that reduce inflammation of the eye surface. In case of eye skin inflammation from dry eyes.

6. Immunosuppressants
for immunosuppressants also known as Immunosuppressant It is a type of drop, such as the drug Cyclosporine, the drop type helps to reduce inflammation. increase the amount of tears and help reduce dry eye symptoms

7. Clean the eyelids and apply a warm compress.
Use a dry eye remedy to clean your eyelids and apply a warm compress. Also known as Warm Compression and Lid Hygiene, this can be done by using diluted baby shampoo. Or may use a special eyelid cleanser to clean the eyelids. This will help reduce the symptoms of clogged sebaceous glands. It also helps to make the fat of tears better as well.

8.Autologous Serum
This is a method for treating severe dry eyes. This will help reduce inflammation of cells and tissues. Because there are substances that help in the matter of recovery to normal tissues. The doctor will take the patient’s blood, spin it and separate it into serum, which will then be instilled together with the use of artificial tears.

9. Clogging the tear duct
In terms of using the tear duct blocking method Also known as the Punctual Plug, it fills the area where sugar flows into the nasal cavity. There are both temporary and permanent fillings. The doctor will insert a Silicone Plug or Punctual Cautery by pinching it to the area where the tears drain from the eye. It is a type of lacrimal effusion in people with very severe dry eye syndrome.

It can be seen that there are many different ways to treat dry eye syndrome. The doctor will recommend the treatment according to the severity of the symptoms mainly. However, if you know that you are in a state of dry eye symptoms. Should immediately see a doctor for the right treatment. should not be left for long Because that could inevitably lead to a risk of blindness.  ufabet