7 groups of people who are prohibited from losing weight with IF risk harming the body more than they thought.

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Losing weight by doing IF or Intermittent Fasting is a weight loss that has time to eat and fasting according to the rules set. While this method works for many people, it is still not a recommended weight loss method for some. Because it may cause harm to the health of those who lose weight. For people who are prohibited from losing weight by doing IF, they are divided into 7 groups as follows:

7 groups of people who are prohibited from losing weight with IF risk harming the body more than they thought.

1. Under 25 years old
because the body is under 25 years old, the body has not fully grown. In addition, the body also needs various nutrients. so that the body can continue to grow However, if people under the age of 25 use the method of losing weight by doing IF, it will affect the hormones in the body. which will affect the functioning of the cells causing the cells to malfunction Especially doing IF with long fasting. Or eat only one meal a day Will result in hormonal imbalance problems cause the body to grow slowly And it also affects the strength of the muscles as well.

2. People who are pregnant and breastfeeding
because the body of those who are pregnant and breastfeeding have a very high nutrient requirement in the group who are pregnant The body needs nutrients to nourish the unborn child. As for those in the period of breastfeeding. The body needs nutrients to nourish itself, so if doing IF, it can cause the body to be malnourished.

3.People with impaired eating behaviors
For people with impaired eating behaviors Also known as Anorexia Nervosa, including those with bulimia. or diseases that cause vomiting when eating In which patients with this disease are afraid of eating all types of food, they should not do IF at all because the body is already in a state of malnutrition. If doing IF, it will make the body much worse. However, people with the aforementioned disease must be cured quickly. In order not to cause negative effects on the body that are heavier than before

4. People who have recently undergone surgery
recently undergone surgery need a period of recovery Therefore, IF should not be done because after the surgery, the body needs nutrients to recover and repair the damaged parts that occur from the surgery itself. If you want to lose weight by doing IF, you should wait for your body to return to normal.

5. People with low BMI
For people with BMI less than the specified criteria. That shows that our body is already very thin, so you shouldn’t do IF because it will reduce the amount of nutrients that the body should receive. If doing IF while the body has a lower BMI than normal, it may As a result, the body is at risk of malnutrition.

6. Those who want to build muscle
For anyone who wants to build muscle Or being in a group of people who exercise or play muscle. It is a group that the body needs a lot of nutrients. Therefore, it is not recommended to do IF because people who want to build muscle. The body needs nutrients to build muscle. As well as to repair the worn out parts, doing IF will result in the body getting insufficient nutrients. slow down muscle

7. People with congenital disease
people with congenital disease whether diabetes high blood pressure Low blood pressure, blood fat and other diseases are not recommended to do IF, but if you really want to do it. Always consult a doctor first. So that the doctor can take care of IF together with the treatment of the existing disease. If done without consulting a doctor May cause inevitable harm to physical health.

Although weight loss by doing IF is very popular. Because it is a way to choose how many hours of fasting according to the formula specified. It’s also a highly effective method. but could not deny that all ทางเข้า ufabet types of weight loss Even doing IF isn’t for everyone.