The correct way to wash your hair Does not hurt the hair Check a little ago. Are you doing it right?

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Girls, try to imagine that The way we wash our hair today. How do we do it? How many minutes does it take to wash your hair? And what is the condition of the hair and scalp after that? Is it oily and hair loss often? Would it be better if we had The correct way to wash your hair In a way that does not hurt the hair It also helps to nourish the scalp as well.

 wash your hair

The correct way to wash your hair

1.Clean your scalp with clean water. In order to get rid of fat Sweat clogging the pores on the scalp, which many people will understand that just getting your hair wet is ufabet OK. Considered wrong!

2. Before you apply shampoo on the scalp. To rub it on your hands until it forms a foam first. If we use the shampoo to rub it on the hair. It will harm the hair in a way that we do not know

3. When rubbing shampoo, focus on cleaning the scalp, not using the hair, because that point is the point where sweat and sebum is produced through the pores. If cleaning there, it will reduce the oil on the scalp. This is for the girls. Use the area of ​​10 fingers to massage the head to stimulate the flow of blood while washing your hair as well.

4. How to wash your hair, girls bow their head down and wash it counter to the direction the hair is up If we look up to wash my hair In addition to the hair inside is not clean then Will also cause the shampoo to hit the surface Hurt the acne skin again!

5. Wash your hair around 2, focus on washing at the root of the hair as well. Then rinse with clean water. The process of washing and cleaning the girls should spend a little time with it. To prevent residue from remaining

6. How to apply the correct hair conditioner. Should only be down at the end of the hair Should not be put too much. Because it will make the scalp oily And if not all washed out It’s not good for the scalp either.

Caution : After washing your hair, let the girls immediately blow-dry your hair within 5 minutes, do not let your hair dry on your own. In addition to being moist as a source of various bacteria, it can also easily lead to dandruff.