Realize it again. Called Auntie – reveal the truth of the skin. Coping with atrophy in your 30

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Ladies, did you know that as we get older, our skin changes? which will be clearly visible Only when our age changes from 20 to 30, so how early can we start taking care of ourselves? Considered to be very advantageous only, do not wait, we will come to reveal the truth of the skin ready to introduce the ufabet method Cope with atrophy for skin in the 30+ range.

Skin ages 20-25 years.

In our 20s, our skin still has a lot of collagen, which helps keep our skin cells firm. including fat under the skin Makes the face plump, firm, but this condition It will not stay with us for a long time if it is not well nourished since this age. Including for some people, there may be acne. Sensitive skin from adolescence Do not dare to nourish anything much. Stop worrying and start taking care of yourself now.

Skin in the age of 25 – 30 years

when getting older The processes of skin cells begin to slow. Decreased skin moisture, dry skin, lack of moisture and less elasticity of the skin. Collagen production rate Starting to decrease by 1% per year, in addition to making the skin’s protective barrier weak, fragile, sensitive, atrophy, it also starts to have various skin problems more easily from external factors that attack the skin. Resulting in wrinkles more easily.

Skin in the age of 30 – 40+ years

By the age of 30, skin cells begin to have less energy. Both collagen and elastin in the skin are reduced. Make the skin firm slack New skin cells form less and the old cells begin to shrink. Loss of structure and ability to hold water This will cause more dry skin. slow skin recovery cause sensitive skin problems Skin atrophy is more. Even after using a moisturizing cream But still have aging problems. Uneven skin tone, difficult makeup or even photography. Wrinkles are still visible.

What kind of skin care is the right way? coping with atrophy

Due to the skin that begins to stagnate, in addition to using a moisturizer to add moisture to the skin on a daily basis It also has to add energy to the skin to slow down the aging as much as possible. especially sensitive skin Should use a nourishing cream that helps restore the skin’s protective barrier. to reduce skin damage from external factors that cause wrinkles and nourishing cream for sensitive skin, sensitive, susceptible to wrinkles that has been proven that Help reduce wrinkles from sensitive skin, sensitive, dry, atrophy that is Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Q10X, an innovation for sensitive skin, sensitive, susceptible to wrinkles. that not only adds moisture to the skin restore protective armor also add energy to the skin Effectively reduce wrinkles from skin atrophy.

Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Q10X

Day Cream nourishes and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier during the day / Night Cream, concentrated, deeply revitalizes the skin during the night.

Facial skin care product line includes both DAY CREAM and NIGHT CREAM  that are used together and guarantee that the skin is moisturized, full and looks super healthy. No perfume, alcohol, parabens for dry, sensitive, sensitive, prone to wrinkles. Contains BioACITVE. the same substance as the skin Helps to increase the power of skin cells that are atrophy, to be moisturized, full, bright, with concentrated substance Q10X,  small particles that penetrate deeply, rejuvenate the skin from the inside Helps strengthen the skin to be firm and flexible. Wrinkles look reduced and there is also Anti-Oxidant to restore the skin’s protective barrier against external factors. For smooth, clear, healthy skin, proven to be non-irritating for sensitive skin.


day cream Revitalizes the skin for long-lasting moisture Can be used as a makeup base during the day.

Size to fit in the hand, cream in the amount of 50 ml.

Rich cream Free from fragrance, alcohol, paraben

The cream is gentle, easy to spread, absorbs into the skin well. Apply and immediately feel the moisture.


Intensive skin cream Revitalizes the skin deeply during the night.

Size to fit in the hand, cream in the amount of 50 ml.

The cream is more intense than DAY CREAM without perfume, alcohol, parabens as well.

Even though the cream is more intense But it doesn’t make your skin feel too heavy, spreads easily and absorbs into the skin quickly.

After using Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Q10X DAY&NIGHT CREAM, I can feel that my skin is plump, hydrated, and wrinkles are visibly reduced. skin looks radiant Confident when wearing light makeup Or don’t put more makeup on. For girls with sensitive skin, this one is considered the answer.

So if we start taking care of ourselves early. Our skin is like a strong protective shield, but if you are in need of extra help, you can use Eucerin UltraSENSITIVE Q10X for deep care and repair. Anyone interested can buy it at >>> Boots, Watson, Eucerin counters , leading general drugstores or order online at Eucerin.