Premature aging Don’t be complacent Can take care in advance From the age of not yet 30

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In addition to the problem of obesity. Premature aging It seems to be a problem that bother me quite a bit, some women think that they are young. You don’t need to take care of yourself much. The skin is still clear. But the truth is, skin care can be taken after adolescence. Let’s collect points first. I will thank myself Who have captured the beauty since not yet 30


1. Avoid the strong sun.

Light sunlight at 6 am and after 5 pm contains vitamins that are good for the skin. But the sun at other times has a very high UV radiation. Until able to penetrate Can destroy the collagen under your skin. Preventing wrinkles before 30 is therefore to be avoided as much as possible. More importantly, do not forget to apply sunscreen on a regular basis. And wearing a wide-brimmed hat That can cover the sun as well

2. Don’t sleep late 

Do not think that sleeping late is compensated by waking up late instead. Because even if you sleep for 6 hours as your body needs But it’s not a good time with the skin. People who stay late often, their skin will become tired and lose their elasticity unnecessarily.

3. Regularly wash makeup every day

Never go to bed with your makeup on full face. Because cosmetics will clog pores Makes the skin lack oxygen to nourish The skin will look noticeably shabby. And most importantly, acne asked for sure

4. Drink water often. 

Repeat that only clean water does not count soft drinks, ufabet coffee, tea or alcohol. Clean water will keep the skin healthy. Helps detoxify the skin that makes the skin tired. And most importantly, it creates flexibility for the skin. People with dry skin to have wrinkles prone Because of lack of water to nourish under the skin