No problem, slow dry hair with only 2 tools, a towel and a hair dryer.

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Don’t say long hair Many women with short hair still complain that they are too lazy to wash their hair. Because it takes a long time to dry. Plus every time you wipe your hair also clearly dropped a lot Don’t stress, every problem has a solution. Try 3 ways and see. ufabet Life will be easier.

1. Solve the problem at the root cause 

People with damaged hair will look porous. Makes it absorb a lot of water. make hair dry easy way to notice If your hair is damaged, try dunking your hair in water and your hair will sink. On the contrary, if my hair is healthy, not dry and damaged, I won’t suck the water and make me float. How to care for the hair You can find it at 6 simple hair care tips at an affordable price.

2. Choose a towel that absorbs more water than usual.

Choose a towel that absorbs more water than usual, put it on your head, and heat it through the towel again. Hair will dry faster than direct hair. And should be good to wash your hair in the morning. Because this is the time when I absorb nutrients the best. Washing your hair at night has a risk that it will not dry out completely. and gave me a fungus followed by a musty smell

slow dry hair loss

3. The heat of the hair dryer is not the answer. 

Stop hurting your hair by using high heat. I hope it will help my hair dry faster. because it really matters is the wind power Should choose a hair dryer that can adjust the strength of the wind. and while my hair is wet It is recommended to use a wide tooth comb. To prevent hair loss problems