Introducing Sleeping Mask to recover shabby face. It’s so good that I have to tell you!

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Sleeping Mask to recover shabby face that will be recommended today. It can be said that since entering the year 2020, it is still a constant trend. until I have to tell the girls who are lazy to use skin cream in many steps Change to apply only one. Waking up with a beautiful face

Smooto Power C Whitening
Sleeping Mask

Goddess Cream Smooto Power C Whitening Sleeping Mask is considered a sleeping mask to recover the shabby face that is small but really cool. Because it contains Power C extract, vitamin C concentration 10,000 mcg from Japan. that helps make the skin look aura overnight helps to look clear Pores look firmer, help reduce dark spots, acne scars as well.

Semi-gel cream, fragrant, plus the Overnight Mask, it also helps nourish the skin deeply throughout the night. It also helps to tighten the skin. with concentrated vitamin C mask Combines the value of natural extracts from tomatoes and cucumbers to help restore the accumulated dark skin to make the skin bright, smooth, soft, look healthy , along with the value of vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Enhance the effectiveness of moisturizing the skin The key is suitable for all skin types. Even sensitive skin


A popular brand like Neutrogene that many people use and say in one voice that it’s good, great. This mask focuses on the main. So it is to retain moisture. Rich in vitamin E with beads Combined with hyaluronic acid Olive oil and ionic extracts Helps to strengthen the skin reduce wrinkles So that the skin is not dry, cracked and dehydrated. soft to the touch

The cream is a light blue gel, easily absorbed, does not contain oil. Does not clog pores Does not cause blackheads Suitable for people with acne problems and sensitive skin as well.

Cute Press Full Night Sleep Overnight Mask

The famous Cute Press combines seaweed extract and seawater minerals to soothe and smooth the skin. shine through the night Gives a feeling of freshness and comfort on the skin, not greasy, with a light fragrance. that helps to relax before bed It’s like having a full night’s sleep.

Sleeping Mask to recover shabby face with concentrated nourishing gel texture. Helps restore, nourish and lock in moisture. Enriched with trehalose and hyaluronic acid Combined with seaweed extracts And minerals from sea water help awaken the skin to feel full 8 hours of sleep without silicone, parabens, alcohol and synthetic colors.

L’Oreal White Perfect Sleeping Mask

L’Oréal also has a sleeping mask to recover the shabby face that is famous as well. This one is a Sleeping Mask that is a bit strange. That can be applied over the skin care, night cream, but there is a condition that the girls It should be done as the last step. Because it will help keep the skin soft and moist. waking up bouncing definitely have aura

The texture of this Sleeping Mask is soft and bouncy like jelly. to break the beads first It also contains anti-oxidants. That helps protect our skin as well.

Glow Mori Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask that nourishes the skin with natural extracts from golden cocoons, restoring the skin to be strong, firm, smooth, rich in sericin, fiproin and 18 types of amino acids, which are proteins with The molecular structure is the same as the surface structure. and stimulates the production of collagen elastin in the face

Sleeping cream, this is a light white cream. After using it, I feel that when I wake up, my face is not shabby, not dull. Skin looks moisturized and bright. If used continuously, the pores will be tightened. white face, brighter and more radiant