How To Make Up Without Floating Face Beautiful, smooth, firm skin !!

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Makeup of that type “The face is enough, the neck doesn’t have to” There are so many things to see! Therefore, when you make up girls Be careful and check carefully that The face color and the neck are the same? Remember that you can float Krathong, float any lantern. But the face is absolutely forbidden to float !! And this is a trick. How do you make up without floating your face? To help stop makeup Tao Li in you

1. Choose the right primer

This is an important step. Where makeup artists give a lot of time and importance Because it can be a telltale that our face will bang or will shade First of all, we need to choose the color of foundation as the first. By trying the chin or neck area Will get a color that is closer to the face than trying on the back of the hand.

2. Apply sunscreen carefully

This must be careful as well. Because some sunscreens have a high ufabet SPF may contribute to the white face. Quite a way out of the monkey The best way to choose a type that is light and easy to blend would be the best solution.

How do you make up without floating your face?

3. Make up with natural light

Many girls miss it because they forget to check the light when they make up. Light types that are not bright. Or is it this orange light? Let’s take a break. It will make us even more filling up and then filling. For your safety, go out with natural light makeup. Or to buy a fire circle Or what they call fire blogger can be attached to the dressing table as well.

4. Moderation of shading & highlighting

Well prepared for the surface work Do not release the lampshade at the highlight shading event. Moderately down Especially highlights Suggest that when dipping from the product. Knock out a nice one before swiping it on the face Shading is the same as well.