How To How to cure sunburn from swimwear After returning from the sea How to maintain?

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Items that are indispensable when going to the sea is Swimsuit itself Whether it’s one piece or two pieces, women are ready to show off their sexy figure. But when it comes back from the sea, it’s a disaster. Because the skin will burn and scratch the swimsuit Make the noise the same But if you go to the beach, you will not be allowed to wear a swimsuit. It is not again Do not have a headache today. Women  ufabet  will tell you how to cure burns from a swimsuit. After going to the sea, let’s listen together.

How to fix sunburn marks from swimwear

1. Take a shower and wash yourself thoroughly.

After the girls Finished playing in the water Whether it is sea water or pool water Do not let yourself dry completely. Girls need to shower. Cleanse with products that are gentle on the skin immediately. To prevent the skin from drying out Both from the sun and the chlorine in the swimming pool

 skin marks from swimwear

2. Apply after sun lotion or aloe vera.

Just the sunscreen that we apply before going out in the sun is not enough. Items like this, it needs to be nourished afterwards as well. Let the girls use after sun lotion or aloe vera all over the body. Especially the skin that is scratched on swimwear Apply it.

3. Avoid the sun for a while.

Before going to bed, girls can apply various nourishing creams as usual, but I want to be careful. During this time, avoid going out in the sun first. To preserve the skin to return to normal But if anyone really needs to get out in the sun Then prepare protective equipment to be ready

skin marks from swimwear

Tricks to reduce sunburn from going to the sea

I understand that when going to the sea there is a need to swim. I want to take some photos outdoors. But we will introduce a time when the sun is light. Do not hurt the skin too much, that is, before noon, about 8-10 o’clock in the morning will still be a good sun. Swim comfortably and after 4 pm onwards. Can swim Take pictures and get a very beautiful natural light, this time ladies. Do not have to worry about skin damage from the sun anymore