Give away a trick! How To 5 How to apply lips to avoid falling into the furrows? More confidence

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The main problem that girls Often encountered time to add makeup during the day, that is, lipstick is dropped, the groove grows, however, it does not cover it completely. Plus, it looks flaky, flaky lips. Lose confidence. Today Women  ufabet has a cool trick, how to apply it, not let it fall into the groove. It will definitely reduce the problem!

1. Make your lips a habit

Be a woman, don’t rely on makeup alone. Items like this, it needs to be taken care of and nurtured into a habit. Girls have to keep scrubbing their lips. Plus applying lip balm before bed is a habit, oh! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water as well, this will definitely help.

How to apply your lips to avoid falling into the furrows

2. Apply lip balm first every time.

Before going to any sunscreen or foundation , leave it on first. When we finished makeup Lip balm, it sets itself on the lips, I put it on the lips, however, there are no furrows, but if any woman uses a lip balm instead. To blot a little oil with tissue paper first. And then apply lipstick

3. Use a paintbrush instead.

The brush can capture the details better than a lip from a pure lipstick girls may be hand tabs. The lipstick can be applied on the lips first. Then use a brush to collect details This is not wrong. Another thing I want to say Applying lipstick from a stick to rub back and forth. Will make the mouth groove clearly visible Plus lipstick is easy to groove, too

4. Choose the texture of the lipstick well.

Now, it has a lipstick texture for women. Have chosen a wide variety If you try to use a matte lip color, it won’t be wrong. Furrow Lose confidence often Then try to switch to a satin, cream or liquid lipstick instead It may be a good help quite a bit.

5. Remove and reapply

The best way to add lipstick during the day. We recommend that girls remove and reapply, as easy and precise as possible. Because if the girls are stubborn and add lip to both like that It will make the lip fall into the groove. And if it’s a clear color like orange and red, it will be even more prominent. Looks not pretty, just take it in vain, try carrying a small wet tissue. In another bag Guarantee that it is much more convenient!