Fresh face can be beautiful, 5 simple techniques, no need to bohemian cosmetics all the time

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It is true that the ancient place said Chicken beauty because of its feathers Beautiful people because they dress up Being a woman, you need to wear ufabet makeup to look good and charming. Sometimes if you can choose Would like to be pretty clear You don’t need to make up. But when it gave the face completely fresh without any makeup, he was afraid of others. Will panic So let’s take a look at the techniques a little better. Will get pretty clear Like some others

1.Eyebrows and eyelash curlers with clear gel

This is not recommended to make up. But it is recommended to apply eyebrows and eyelashes, especially eyebrows that are crown-like of the face. Don’t let your eyebrows get messy. Should protect the eyebrows for a beautiful shape. For people with thin eyebrows Recommend to try applying castor oil on the eyebrows. Will help the eyebrows grow darker After beautiful eyebrows Comes in the eye part Should curl your eyelashes to curl up. And use a clear gel mascara Swipe to follow again. Just this fresh face can be beautiful.

2. Maintain hair regularly.

Whether you color your hair or not. Should always maintain my hair to look healthy Cut and trim the ends of your hair, hair some, whatever it takes to make your hair look beautiful. And make your face more attractive


3. Teeth must be white.

The smile of a person can really brighten the world. By taking good care of the dental cavity, whitening the teeth, scaling, and looking at it, do not let the teeth yellow. Also, be careful with tea and coffee, as they can make your teeth yellow.

4. Take care of your face and sunscreen, do not lack.

Want to have a fresh, natural face Must take good care of the facial skin Whether it is a nourishing cream Or cleansing foam Choose to suit your skin type. Some face masks Once a week is still fine. Or use it with coconut oil, it is equally good. Wake up to the soft face. And that is indispensable Absolutely not to be neglected That is, sunscreen. Apply even if you work in the air-conditioned room. But the dangers of UV light are all around, don’t be complacent. I do not know the old face before my age.

5. Get enough rest

It seems to be the one that looks the most heroine. But it is the most important thing that should be done. Even if you fan how much maintenance cream. But without adequate rest Is of no use Sleep well for at least 6-8 hours. Wake up your face will be bright. Definitely not dull