deal! Skin care tips for people with dry, acne prone skin

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Who said only oily skinned people have acne? Sometimes dry skin like us acne more often. Acne is too good Today we’re giving away some tips to take care of your face especially dry skin!

Confused, isn’t it that acne doesn’t only occur on oily skin? Why do people with dry, sensitive skin like us have acne more often? In fact, external factors such as sun exposure, makeup, skin care, smoke dust, and pollution also play a part, plus internal factors cannot be avoided. Whether it’s hormones, sleep late, stress, menstruation As a woman, you really need to take care of yourself a lot. Shine so bright that everyone has to look at it for you! 

Tip 1: Clean it well More than half won

Yes, if our start was good. clean pores Get rid of various blockages well from the first step. It is considered to have won more than half. The correct way to wash your face for dry skin is to choose a gentle foaming cleanser. If you choose the foamy one, it’s soft whipped foam, no SLS/SLES, but if it’s non-foaming, it’s free of scrub beads. Because dry skin is easily disturbed. If you choose a bad scrub, your skin will be cut. It was attacked at a deep level. This is the main factor that causes dirt to enter the skin layer and cause acne. Then gently rinse with water as gently as possible. 

Tip 2: Add water to the skin from the inside.

As we all know, our body is made up of 70% water and water is 92% of our blood. Our blood will thicken Poor circulation, various toxins will remain in the blood vessels. As a result, dull skin is not bright. Plus acne easily So please girls don’t forget to drink water or slowly sip 8 glasses a day. Try to remind yourself that the more you drink, the more hydrated your skin will look and feel softer. 

Tip 3: Tomato + Aloe Vera Face Mask Recipe ufabet

But if there is already acne It also leaves acne scars to look different. This doesn’t work anymore. You have to call 2 great helpers who are famous in the cosmetic industry. Plus, it’s inexpensive and very easy to find in our homes. Tomato and Aloe Vera by AHA in tomatoes will help exfoliate soft skin cells, reduce acne scars. Black marks, red marks, including small wrinkles, Aloe Vera will take care of repairing the skin barrier. Soothe the outer layer that has been hurt and reduce the inflammation of acne, sure enough.

Tip 4: Use Vitamin E to help reduce acne scars.

Another indispensable helper for acne scars. Various scars are vitamin E. This depends on the style, who likes what kind of texture. Some people may be able to tolerate the gooey. You can apply concentrated vitamin E oil to it. But if anyone is afraid of being stuck in a pillow I don’t like my skin feeling greasy. They also have a variety of creams, serums, essences, and face masks to choose from. It’s important to remember to look at the % of vitamin E as well. So that you won’t lose a lot of money, but get less results.

Tip 5: Apply sunscreen to reduce the factors that cause dry skin. 

Who would believe that only sunlight The light from the computer screen also affects the skin. Makes the skin dry. It can also directly attack our skin deep into the inner skin cells, causing melasma, freckles, dark spots, including wrinkles and skin cancer cells in the long term. Therefore, a sunscreen with a high SPF and a high PA value is very important. In this event, if you do not want to have acne-prone, sensitive, aging skin quickly, do not forget to apply sunscreen, girls.  

But these skin problems, whether it’s dry skin, peeling skin, sensitive skin, no makeup, wrinkled skin, wrinkles, oily skin, acne, can’t be solved overnight. Plus, taking care of your skin from the outside alone doesn’t seem enough. We also need to take care of the skin from the inside out + solve the skin problems at the root as well. For us, we choose a time-saving and research- backed method that shows results faster with  Bloss Jeli Moist Booster, which is more than collagen. Balancing the skin from the inside out, solving acne problems, both pimples and clogged acne, as well as providing moisture, full of water, clear claims that end all skin problems. See results in 14 days!!

In the past, we have introduced the old formula Bloss Jeli Bright Booster , extracted from pomegranate peel. Help adjust the skin to be clear, smooth and increase blood circulation around the capillaries. Wrinkles, acne scars, freckles, this one can be taken care of. Our new personal that today we will introduce him back with spectacular results like Bloss and easy to eat. There are many benefits as usual. Whether it helps to boost the skin to be soft, bouncy, full of water, add moisture to the skin, not dry, not cracked, not peeling, not flaky, the skin looks healthy, not allergic, without rashes, smooth skin, reduce pimples, reduce acne clogged face, not oily. filmy Make-up lasts longer, too.

Which is said to be easy to eat, many benefits. Not great at all. With him being a nutrient in the form of Gel Matrix is ​​a jelly skin supplement. It mimics the astronaut’s diet and is more bioavailable than other conventional forms. Makes it absorbed better than nutrients in the form of capsules up to 5 times or equal to eating 1 sachet is equivalent to taking 10 tablets of normal vitamins!

Easy to carry, can be put in the bag to eat anywhere, no need to dissolve, no need to drink water. 
His merits don’t stop there because in 1 sachet of Bloss Jeli Moist Booster, Bloss Double Lock locks in 2 layers of moisture.

Layer 1: Ceramide is like a skin barrier. locks in moisture Maintain water balance under the skin
2nd layer: Tripeptide Collagen is absorbed into the skin quickly and can work immediately. make the skin smooth and stimulates the creation “Hyaluronic acid,” which is important in moisturizing the skin.
In addition, he also brings many important ingredients that help lock in moisture to the skin to be beautiful, including:

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): A type of antioxidant. Extracted from a special strain of melon from France, contains 7 times more SOD than general varieties, helping to neutralize free radicals at the DNA level, restructuring the skin layer to be stronger in the long run. Helps reduce inflammation of the skin layer Makes various wrinkles fade as well.
Blueberry and Raspberry : It is Natural Vitamin C that stimulates collagen production. and protect the skin from various pollutants that cause skin aging sagging, wrinkles and premature skin aging clearly
Zinc Gluconate : helps acne heal faster, rash gradually decreases significantly.