Comprehensive remedy for dry, chapped lips in a natural way

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Dry lips can be caused by many reasons. especially people in cold air-conditioned rooms and drinking too little water It is another way to cause dry mouth. Then the dry mouth looks flaky, it is a problem that makes the face look shabby, difficult to make up , lipstick does not last as well. People who have problems with dry and chapped lips We have included natural solutions for chapped lips. Let’s follow each other.

Comprehensive remedy for dry, chapped lips in a natural way

Scrub your lips with sugar.

Scars on dry lips It will leave dead skin cells on the lips, making it look unsightly flaky. So we have to get rid of these skin cells by using sugar mixed with coconut oil enough to make a creamy texture. then gently scrub This will help get rid of the dry and chapped parts from the UFABET lips. Helps the lips to return to moisture, do it once a week and should not do it often. because it can make your mouth even more dry

Apply lip balm/lip balm

Another way to help dry and chapped lips look moisturized. Should choose to use lip balm or lip balm that helps to moisturize the lips regularly during the day. Or who will use it as a lip sleeping mask at night? It can help restore moisture to the lips in another way. The more when the weather is cold It should be applied more often. To avoid dry lips more than before.

Lip mask with real honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer. that provides moisture and vitamins to help nourish the lips to look plump and natural Suitable for people with dry and chapped lips. Wound and sore mouth Then apply real honey on the lips and leave it for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse. This can help reduce inflammation from dry lips.00:00/02:00

drink enough water

when you get older The moisture retention in the skin is reduced. Makes skin and lips dry Including being in cold weather causes the body to lose more moisture than usual. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the body with water. Anyone who has problems with dry skin and lips I drink 8 glasses of water per day or as appropriate so that the body can get enough moisture.

Avoid causes of dry mouth

If you see flaky peeling lips, don’t be naughty. Use your hands to pick, peel, or pull the flakes off your lips. because it may cause mouth ulcers Then it can hurt more than before. In addition, anyone who does not want to have repeated dry mouth You must also avoid licking or biting your lips. Including refraining from smoking and alcoholic beverages, this will help the lips look smooth, soft, plump and natural.

Natural remedy for dry lips can be easily made by yourself Start by drinking enough water. To start nourishing from the inside and then scrub, apply lip balm regularly, it can help.