9 habits of the new generation That will make it harder to sleep without knowing

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Have you ever felt that every morning you wake up is not as fresh as it should be? Or even when you’re not really stressed out, but you fall restless, wake up in the middle of the night, and can’t sleep easily again? Try changing or quitting these habits? Because it may be the part that makes you insomnia


1. Play the phone before bed.

Before going to bed, this is the time when the brain should rest to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Playing on the phone and watching ufabet TV, in addition to stimulating the brain to stay awake. The blue light released also inhibits the production of melatonin. It also makes it harder for you to sleep soundly.

2. No sleep time

Every day our bodies work according to their clocks. Even just one indefinite sleep can affect your nighttime sleep.

3. Get heavy with late night meals before going to bed.

Several studies have shown that eating late at night. Causing acid reflux and indigestion This can affect sleep and obesity, so avoid eating large meals at least 3 hours before bedtime. And refrain from dessert in the evening as well

4. Drink coffee as you wish. No glass limit

Coffee, tea, chocolate and other energy drinks All contain caffeine, which has the effect of stimulating the body to stay awake So try adjusting or limiting your drinking? Less is more And switch from drinking in the afternoon or evening to in the morning instead To give the body time to adjust

5. Snooze the alarm

When you set an alarm and can’t postpone it, your body can sleep better. On the other hand, it also increases a hormone called cortisol. Which will affect the stress in the body

6. Eat unhealthy foods.

Studies have shown that not getting enough vitamins A, B1, D, magnesium, calcium and zinc affects sleep. Try eating fortified grains? And should avoid foods with high sugar content as well

7. Not exercising

There are few studies on the link between exercise and sleep, though. But overall, adults who performed 24 weeks of continuous exercise experienced better sleep from the start of exercise, so it was inferred that exercise had an effect on sleep as well.

8. Sleep in a messy room

There have been studies that people in a messy room can put more stress on them than those in a tidy room. It is advisable to keep the room as open as possible and as clean as possible.

9. Go to bed with wet hair.

There is an experiment that going to sleep in spite That my hair is still wet It stimulates the sinus glands to cool and secretion, just like when having a cold. Long-term accumulation of this mucus will result in infection and it is recommended that for good hygiene, blow dry your hair before going to bed.