7 strong women face rare diseases Flip the mountain knot as strength Forward inspiration

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It has been several decades that we have seen people with unattractive looks. Looks not up to normal standards. Will be classified as alienated Or implicitly ugly But nowadays, the definition of beauty has a rather wide range of sound. More respect for people whose appearance is different And see that they are stunningly beautiful as well Like these people

1. Albinism (albinism) or albinism

Nastya Kumarova, albino model At first glance, she looks like a lovely porcelain doll. But in reality, this ufabet snow-white skin comes from the symptoms of albinism. Which is a rare genetic disease

2. Diseases of the skin stretch abnormally. (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)

Sara Geurts, 28, is suffering from “Abnormal Prolonged Dermatitis,” a hereditary condition where the skin is wrinkled. And make it look older than your age But she never gave up on obstacles. Can push myself To step into a model To prove to everyone that How beautiful the difference is

3.Ectodermal Dysplasia

A 26-year-old German model, she was born with a genetic disorder called Ectodermal Dysplasia. Which affects her facial structure But with her good attitude and love of photography, she has become an inspiration for thousands of people around the world.

4. A mole or birthmark that is special and rare.

Many people born with birthmarks often try to get rid of them when the opportunity is right. But not for Cassandra, a dancer with a striking face with a special birthmark under her eyes.

5. Waardenburg syndrome

At first glance, we had no idea that Stef Sanjati, a young girl. Have Wardenberg syndrome Who suffer from different levels of hearing loss Including having pigmentation disorders And make the eyes bright blue

6. hirsutism

Actress Dakota Cooke has a shaggy condition. Which is similar to the characteristics found in males But she never let this anomaly in her life. She respects and loves herself enough. Until eventually becoming a successful actor.

7. Extra long legs

Ia Östergren is a Swedish long-legged model whose legs are 108 cm longer than the average person and disproportionate to the rest. Of the body As a child, she was bullied by her school friends. But who knows her weirdness that anyone will find that she is “The Ugly Duckling” will push her to fame today as a model who loves bodybuilding. And there are hundreds of thousands of fans ready to support her