5 tips for beautiful eyebrows, how to care for yourself after tattoo

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The eyebrows are the crown of the face. But not everyone can always have beautiful eyebrows . Eyebrow tattooing is the solution to this problem. When choosing a store You can choose your eyebrows together. Need to take care of each other a little What should I do after tattooing eyebrows?

1.Never get water in the area where eyebrow tattooing is about 5-7 days.

When washing your face fully, it is not recommended to use a cotton swab to clean the face in the first place. Be careful not to let your eyebrows get in the ufabet water. To prevent the color from fading

2. Apply Vaseline or Moisturizer. To reduce dryness

When finished tattooing There will be a little red swelling after a few hours. And after that will feel dry and tight Find a moisturizer or vaseline to spread over your eyebrows. Regularly about 3 times a day

3. The scab should not be completely removed.

While waiting to be beautiful, have to be patient a little, do not rush, do not scratch the scars around the eyebrows at all. Because it could cause the eyebrows that the artist drew down to become dented and deformed Plus, pathogens from the fingers and under the nails can also increase the risk of infection.

4. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight. Or avoid activities that cause a lot of sweating

When you do not get in water, you must not get sweaty. Try to avoid activities that cause sweating a lot, especially to exercise patience a little too. For our beautiful eyebrows

5. Don’t put your eyebrows in the first week.

Even though I have tattooed eyebrows But still a little more eyebrows need to be added for the perfect beauty. But asked to take a little distance After being exposed to water And the scabs are completely peeled off Gradually add eyebrows. To prevent infection from the wound is not completely dry with water.

For girls who tattoo eyebrows and fail to be beautiful and get the look they want Don’t worry, we have a way to remove eyebrow tattoo without laser. There are only 3 accessories which are available. Collagen, Sealer, Eyebrow Brush And eyebrow pencil Both a stick and a dust.

How To Eyebrow Drawing, Remove Traditional Eyebrow Tattoo

1. Apply the neck sealer first. Either as a cream or a liquid to remove the same eyebrow tattoo that we don’t like. But what the girls You must be very careful. Must choose a color that is close to our faces. And blend to be as smooth as possible Otherwise the lampshade is dead !!

2. Start to drag the tail of the eyebrows with a pencil eyebrow pencil. To come out into the shape that we want first, but girls who have eyebrows have to remember that That we have already tattooed eyebrows It will make our eyebrows a bit dark anyway. Therefore, when applying eyebrows, you have to be very careful and gentle. Otherwise, your eyebrows will become leeches.https://bc8ea82c590d81346b8b22ac3e17bc9a.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

3. Use a powder eyebrow pencil Paired with an eyebrow brush, slowly dragging along the brow hairline To look as natural as possible And write lightly, gently, when finished, use an eyebrow brush Up to swipe to collect details one more round

4. Then use the brush cutter head. Dip a thin layer of the sealer and spread it on the underbelly area. To check the correctness of the eyebrows And raise our eyebrows to look even more dimensional

5. Finally, the mascara is down. Add a bang to the eyebrows. As if we have a lot of eyebrows And it’s natural.

You see, this eyebrow tattoo that we don’t like disappears. And restore the precise shape of your eyebrows girls Got one more time Let’s try this trick. I assure you that it will definitely bring our confidence back.