5 simple tips to help you girls to be beautiful when it comes to wearing high heels.

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Many young people feel that it’s pretty high, but I was afraid to wear shoes, high heels, it makes us uncomfortable walking shoes that make your feet hurt us. Let me tell you before that to put High heels Not as scary as you think But may not be used to walking on high heels. Because usually we are in normal and comfortable flats, today we have 5 simple tips for girls who want to wear high heels  ufabet together.

1. Walk down the heel before the toe.

What kind of walking do you usually wear when wearing shoes? When wearing high heels, we walk like before. When wearing high heels To walk down the weight on the heels first Then followed by the toe This will make the girls walk. Looks more natural Plus it looks elegant as well But for anyone who wears stilettos, stilettos, when walking down the weight, have to be careful. Because if walking hard Will make the heel rocking

High heels

2. Take short steps.

Stride In addition to making it tired It also makes our personality look bad as well. Therefore, it is advisable to take a short step at a time. But stable is better It takes a lot more steps than usual, but it’s incredibly easy for girls to walk on heels.

3. Lean back slightly when walking.

When we wear and walk on high heels. Our upper torso will automatically lean forward. Because we will feel that we are not able to keep up with the same steps as when we wear ordinary flats. So when wearing high heels To lean back slightly Will help to enhance the personality of the girls To look elegant quite well

4. Looking far ahead

Many people wear high heels. Will accidentally look down on their own feet or walk Maybe because it is not used or afraid of falling, that’s a behavior that will make the girl’s personality Lost by default, so when wearing high heels Looking straight ahead will make us look more confident.

High heels

5. Wear shoes that fit the shape of your feet. Or manage to make the shoes fit into the shape of the feet

When you find the right shoes But there is no size, this is just pissing. But will recommend the girls For one thing When choosing to buy high heels. Choose a size that fits your foot shape. If a little loose We can attach a shoe-bite protection gel to improve the fit. But if too loose or too tight Will make us walk awkwardly Be deceitful Losing personality, accidentally, the shoe will bite as well. Secretly whispered that The best time to buy shoes. Is during the afternoon Until the evening Because at that time our feet will be fully extended Gives us a more exact size

Got a good trick like this now, ladies, don’t forget to try it out. We assure you that these 5 tricks will boost your confidence in girls. It was like walking on a runway. But do not forget to take care of your own foot health as well. If there is pain or pain in your feet because of wearing high heels and what it is Let’s take a break and put on some normal flat shoes.