5 secrets to sleep slim Follow this for only 1 month, weight loss 1 kg.

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Will reduce obesity all over the place in addition to eating and exercising Rest is just as important as sleep. Is the best rest And is the key to losing weight if quality sleep Will be able to burn about 300 kilocalories of energy and if this happens, every day for just 1 month you will lose 1 kg of weight!

sleep slim

1. Sleep thin, have to sleep before 3am.

If thinking about sleeping thin I have to sleep during the time 4 pm – 3 am because this is the golden time of the angry hormones, which are hormones that help restore the body. Angry hormones are most easily secreted during this time. The sooner you fall asleep, the more time you have for growth hormone to repair your ufabet body.

2. Sleep soundly from the first 3 hours

There is a large period of sleep. The simple break is normal sleep. And during sleep and dreaming Normal sleep is a crucial time because there are two periods of deepest sleep in the body. And angry hormones will be released during the first 3 hours of sleep, after which it will hardly shed again.

3. Sleep continuously for 7 hours.

Research from the United States indicates that people who sleep for 5 hours are 52 percent more likely to be obese, while those who sleep for just 4 hours are 73 percent more likely to be obese !!! In other words, the less you sleep, the more food you will need.

4. 3 hours before going to bed, have to finish eating

In the evening when the body does not have to use much energy. Should avoid foods that are high in energy. Because it will take a long time to digest And because the digestive system takes about 2-3 hours to digest food. Finishing dinner 3 hours before going to bed is beneficial because it will make you sleep well. The body does not work hard

5. Lots of sleep, a lot of burns.

Getting a lot of sleep gives you energy to wake up to workouts in the morning, which will make your metabolism work really good. That is, it will burn more throughout the day, but if the girls are free, they can only exercise in the evening. We recommend doing this at least 2-3 hours before bed so it won’t affect your sleep cycle.