5 secrets to recover completely damaged skin after being exposed to toxic dust PM 2.5

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During this time, the air in our country is very heavy pollution, the PM2.5 value is rising, which in addition to PM2.5 will destroy the respiratory system. Also negatively affects our skin as well Whether allergic reaction, redness, ufabet, itchy, inflamed skin Worse still makes our skin wrinkles dark spots and premature aging as well.


– Minor acne problems Mostly clogged acne Or have acne with no more than 10 points.
– A moderate acne problem. There are more than 10 pimples and inflammatory acne spots.
– Severe acne problems. Have acne vulgaris and acne vulgaris Or have long-term inflammation of acne and come back to have more than 10 points

Face allergic to dust, PM 2.5 alleviates better within 24 hours, do as follows.

1. Clean your skin as soon as you get home. Because the face is exposed to toxic dust almost all day and should use Cleansing Oil massage to wash the skin. So that the oil catches dirt and dust into the first step Then use plain water to wash or use Cleansing Water to wipe the face thoroughly until the cotton wool does not leave any color or dirt coming out at this step, even people without makeup must do it.

2. Wipe the skin again with toner. To adjust the condition of the skin and pores to be ready for maintenance If you feel that during this PM 2.5 crisis, your skin has a more sensitive rash than usual. To switch to salt water (For cleaning wounds) wipe the face instead of toner. Because salt water contains ingredients close to the nourishing water in the body’s cells. It can help cleanse and condition the skin without irritating the skin,
allergic to PM 2.5 dust.

3. Apply a moisturizer that is gentle on the skin. To moisturize the skin And also to repair the skin barrier that helps protect the skin from pollution For during this period that dust allergy rashes occur easily Recommended to use a moisturizer that is free from irritants, no fragrances, lanolin, and does not cause acne Or use a cream for people with acne

4. Wear sunscreen to stay under control Both fog and dust when it comes into contact with sunlight or UV light Can cause free radicals Causing cells to be attacked And also destroys collagen This step reiterates that you must not ignore it. Otherwise, all of which is broken. It also causes a double increase in dullness and wrinkles.

5. Accelerate yourself from within. By drinking about 2 liters of clean water a day to wash off residues in the body. And helps to moisturize the skin Eat more colorful fruits and vegetables. To add antioxidants to the body Making the body able to resist against toxic dust The chance of developing an allergic rash is less.