5 prohibited foods When you have a fever, believe it! Don’t eat

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During that day of the month Will be during your girls Will suffer especially Because in addition to having to deal with abdominal pain Some people still have a fever. Get up to do anything that is difficult. Today Women ufabet has 5 must-eat menus. That all women have to be patient, do not eat When it is a wax over the menstrual.

5 prohibited foods

5 prohibited foods When having a fever

1. Cold water and ice : This may cause the menstrual cycle to stop flowing. Or it can cause anaphylactic shock.

2. Coconut water : when stomach ache We need to take medicine To relieve pain But if you drink coconut water Will make the medicine taken ineffective As for the belief that menstruation is prohibited to eat coconut water. Actually, there is no effect on menstruation at all. But there may be some exceptions for some people who are allergic to coconut water. (I reiterate that it is only for individuals) because coconut water contains certain compounds or hormones that may cause some people to develop allergic reactions.

3. Cucumber : some are shocked. Must be carried to the hospital ever. Therefore, it is better to refrain from it. After recovering, come back and eat again, it’s not too late.

4. Longan and Jackfruit : When you eat longan. Or jackfruit Will increase the body temperature to heat up more than before

5. Cinnamon : In addition to making the body hotter than before. Also makes menstruation more than normal as well