5 problems that make dark skinned girls lose their makeup want to be beautiful dewey korea But shabby like Tao Li, every time!

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To be honest, makeup for dark skinned or honey skinned girls really stands out on camera more than fair skinned girls. But at the same time, it’s easy to miss as well, because many girls are not confident in their skin color and want to make them white like Korean idols. In the end, I chose the wrong foundation and got a grayish look! Ah, ah, ah, and if you don’t want to have a white face, drop face, then let’s see if what you girls What makeup should be avoided? will be able to change the technique in ufabet time

1. Using the wrong number of foundation or concealer

Don’t wear white makeup like everyone else. First of all, we have to admit that we don’t have white skin like everyone else. Therefore, we should not choose a cream or foundation for white girls to use. Therefore, before buying a foundation or powder, you should choose the one that best matches your skin tone. by experimenting at the nape of the neck Or the jaw line will get the color that best suits you. Some people like to experiment on the back of their hands to get the wrong foundation color. because the color on the back of the hand and the face are different colors If you use the wrong number, it will make your face look floating. You can get rid of your friend.

2. Put on makeup that emphasizes too much coverage.

Eyelids are the most important and duller than anything. Most dark skinned girls tend to choose to cover up the foundation. Then apply a concealer that is 3-4 shades lighter than the skin and pressed with a foundation puff. until the look is too thick In some cases, it may make it look green and bruised. Under the eyes that has it all It is recommended to choose a lightweight foundation instead. and use a concealer to cover the same color as your real skin Followed by loose powder or brushed with lightly puffed powder.

dark skinned girl with makeup
3. Apply all parts of the Zimmer texture makeup.

Darker-skinned ladies may want to have a glow on their faces to create a glowy look. So I put Shimmer all over my face. Let me tell you, this method is very wrong. Swipe the brush at the texture of the large grain Zimmer until it is clearly visible. from wanting to be juicy Become a skin that has a slimy look On your face, the trick is if you want a juicy glow. Should choose a makeup brush that has a fine texture. And only lightly brush the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and that’s it.

4. Hit the blush hard until you become a monkey

This, regardless of the color of the skin, should not do it very much. Because of the heavy hit of blush It will make a beautifully dressed face become more funny. and may seem to be able to play a monkey drama especially dark skinned girls
Should decorate the cheeks to come out naturally beautiful. By using a blush brush blush with orange-brown tones. or reddish brown To sweep around the cheeks. By gently brushing from the middle of the cheeks to the temples.

5. Make-up but forgot to apply on the neck

This one was seriously missed. Even though your face is beautiful and glowing If you forget to put the powder on your neck, then it’s over. You girls will instantly become “sprite face, coke face”, white face, but black neck like this can’t take it.

It’s not difficult at all, right? For girls with dark skin tones or dark skin tones. Just knowing the technique and choosing makeup to suit your skin tone can be naturally beautiful. If you know it, don’t forget to implement it.