5 makeup trends “Enhance physiognomy” easily and instantly get luck in “Lucky Face” style.

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No matter what your face looks charming, it would be nice if we knew how to put on makeup to help boost your luck like choosing the color of your clothes. Hello Sista girls, today we have compiled 5 makeup trends. simple physiognomy “Lucky Face” style. Lucky face is one of the beliefs of China in observing the appearance of a person’s face and then analyzing what good or bad luck will meet. Including the personality of that person, but even though we may not be born with the facial features that are stated according to physiognomy, girls can have surgery or make up themselves. not a problem at all So let’s not hesitate and let’s look at the first physiognomy makeup look.

1. Forehead .

Let’s start with the most visible and highest part of the face, the forehead. Chinese people believe that the forehead is a divine luck. and is like a mountain of prosperity Having a smooth and wide forehead indicates good luck, power and wealth according to Feng Shui principles. The technique to make our forehead more physiologically straight is to use foundation or cushion to smooth the wrinkles on the skin and use highlighting to point the forehead to make it bright and dimensional

2. nose

Next to the nose is another important point that represents the river on the face. A good physiological nose should be round, balanced and very fleshy. These, if any, are indicative of good fortune, an indicator of success in a loved one, as well as a wealth of future career prospects. To make the nose look round, you can use contour to outline and highlight prominent parts of the nose to give a sense of dimension. This will make the nose of the girls. Looks steep and rounded, more direct physiognomy


Full cheeks and prominent high cheekbones It is like opening the door to wealth and prosperity in the success of a career. A woman with full cheeks is a charm that can also be used to attract good luck. To have fuller and more prominent cheeks, it’s important to add dimension. If girls already have cheekbones, applying a contour under the cheekbones and highlighting the upper cheekbones will help bring out the cheekbones to make them look taller and more pronounced. Girls who want to add charm to the cheeks, try to follow.

4. Lips

There is a river like the nose, and the lips are another river that can indicate good physiognomy. That is to have lips as moist as a river. Plump, plump lips that are as red as rose petals will attract good fortune and wealth. To make the lips look natural red, soft, bouncy, plump. First of all, you need to nourish your lips with lip gloss. In the process of adding color to your lips. Applying concealer to cover up the original lip color will make the new lipstick color appear more clear. In the end, if the mouth of the girls Thin and still look plump. Not enough girls Can use lip gloss to apply over it. If girls try to do this, then it’s done. The mouth has added luck.

5. Chin

The chin is like the second mountain after the forehead that can bring us good luck. A good chin has to be distinctive, chubby, round, very fleshy and well-formed. By the appearance of this chin, this will bring us good luck. Like allowing us to meet up with friends and meet friendly bosses to support us. In the end, it will allow us to live the rest of our lives peacefully. For a way to make your chin look more prominent, you need to add dimension to your chin first. By bringing the highlight to the tip of the chin to make it stand out, thick and have more dimensions, it’s done.

It’s over with 5 makeup trends. “Enhance physiognomy” easily and instantly get luck in “Lucky Face” style. Any girls who want to enhance their own luck simply Let’s try to keep the techniques UFABET that must be used with each part of the page to decorate accordingly, girls. And let’s meet again in the next article.