5 best skin care products to recover dry skin, not strong price! Tried and really effective. Dry face peeling, come on this way.

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Dry face peeling  is another problem for women. Because in addition to making makeup not lasting Also makes the face look no radiant due to dry, dehydrated skin It also makes us lose confidence as well. Today Women ufabet will help the girls. Get free from these problems with 5 skin care products that will help restore dry skin to look bright, plump and not dry anymore.

1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè

Dry skin

Very popular among makeup artists. Including many celebrities because it is an excellent dry skin recovery skin care. Until many makeup artists have to carry them in a makeup bag More importantly, this cream can also be used to prep the skin before applying makeup, giving the skin a fuller and more lasting makeup. It can be said that it is very useful. But it’s a little difficult to find.

2. Laneige Water Bank

It is a skin care that helps keep the skin soft and smooth. Plus easy to apply and comfortable to face With the texture of a gel-cream It does not feel sticky at all. I certify that I wake up girls. Will definitely feel the softness of the skin

3. MedMaker

The texture of this cream is a bit heavy. When applying, it may take a little light, as it may make it feel oily. But I must say beforehand that this one is pretty good for dry face. The goodness is not all that. Because this cream can also reduce dark spots and redness from acne to fade. Anyone who wants to have a smooth and soft face Must be this one

4.Za true white ex essence lotion

Dry peeling face

Essence lotion with a light texture. But it helps with the moisture of the skin as well. Any girls with dry skin recommend this. But in addition to helping in matters of softness and moisture It is also effective in helping to brighten the skin as well.

5.Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92%

This aloe vera gel. It will help soothe your dry, peeling skin better, many people would probably know the properties of aloe vera well already. And with the power of cold Makes it possible to reduce the irritation of the skin. Anyone who goes to the hot sun is recommended to hurry and put the tail gel down. It will help keep the skin from burning and not burning in the sun as well. In addition, aloe vera gel can also be used on other areas. Such as hair, nails and body as well, it is worth it.