3 tips for applying lip mattes in winter How dry the air is, the mouth is beautiful, bouncy, does not peel, does not crack.

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One of the beauty items that girls Indispensable for each day is lipstick and for women. Who likes to apply lip match Applying a lip matte during winter is extremely subdued, because the weather is dry, the lips are so dry, no matter how you apply your lips, your lips become dry and flaky. Hurry up and find out 5 tips on how to apply lip matte. Give me a simple beautiful mouth.

1. The mouth must be smooth first.

One of the reasons why we wear lipstick is not smooth, is our own ufabet lips. Many women may think that we treat lips well. Because apply lip balm regularly But why are my lips still peeling? That is because we do not exfoliate the skin around the lips, sure enough.

By scrubbing your lips, you have to use a product for your lips especially. Never use a scrub to exfoliate your lips, or you can DIY a natural scrub from home use. Just bring sugar and honey. Gently exfoliate the lips. Will help exfoliate the skin of the lips Makes the skin regenerated, smoother and softer.


2. Prepare your lips to be soft

After the scrub, follow with a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. This step, we suggest that the girls Should be done before makeup. In order to have time to maintain the lipstick. And when it’s time to apply the lip, let the girls take a tissue to rub their lips a little To remove the luster on the lips

3. Choose a lipstick that is not too dry.

I recommend that before buying, try applying it on your lips. Leave it for a moment to set the body. Then see if the mouth is dry, furrow, pleated or not. Which lipstick should be a good matte lipstick to moisturize and nourish the lips. When applied, it makes you feel light and comfortable and not greasy. In addition to helping to keep lips beautiful and long-lasting and defy the cold Also does not hurt the lips as well