10 Reasons You Make Mistakes Write eyeliner The result is terrible!

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Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup components. If you want to make yourself look beautiful in makeup styles like Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, or any other celebrity. That focus on big eyes by using eyeliner to create those looks, but! The problem is that when you do it Instead of looking pretty like a celebrity. Return the opposite effect That is the look of the make-up looks terrible. Because ufabet  writing eyeliner wrong


1. Starting from the head of the pencil must be sharp. For easy and sharp writing Patrick suggested that Girls should have a pencil sharpener. Carry it in your cosmetic bag. Because it is imperative that your eyeliner be sharp when it comes to using it.


2. For girls with single eyelids Use a higher eyeliner technique in the middle of the eyes. And then slope down the corner of the eye In order to make the eyes look bigger Will not write in a plain style according to the eyes Because that doesn’t help, your eyes will look small as before.


3. Color eyeliner Don’t draw it around the eyes. Write only the upper eye frame, it is enough.


4. Writing eyeliner to look the same on both sides can be difficult for beginners. But it’s actually very easy. You just set the writing point first, for example, you might draw the end of both eyes first. And then drag the liner in a line along the eye contour little by little To increase the thickness indefinitely


5. It is not recommended to use. A liquid eyeliner for the lower lash line. Because it is easy to mess up


6. Do not curl your eyelashes after applying eyeliner, why? It will cause the eyeliner to come off. Well, you girls. The eyelashes should be curled to complete first. And then write eyeliner as next


7.The eyeliner under your eyes will melt just a few hours after you have applied it. Therefore, it is very important to be waterproof and use a cut-on button to gently spread Translucent Powder over it to block the liner under the eyes from becoming a panda.


8. Draw the tail evenly. The easiest way is. Set the point before the tail flick after starting to write. Will make it easier to write


9. Time to draw eyeliner. It is not recommended to use fingers to tighten the eyelids. Because that will make it harder for you to estimate the actual distance to write. Instead, use the way of looking low to the outside of the eye.


10. To write eyeliner Make your eyes look bigger Highlight the middle to the tail, not to block the entire eye.