10 beauty secrets from baby powder that you may not have known about!

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Did you know that baby powder that we have seen each other is not useful, just for applying it. But baby powder has many benefits. It also helps to save money on the purchase of cosmetics or certain types of beauty products as well. Women ufabet has already gathered 10 benefits of baby powder that many people may not know what will be followed

baby powder

1. Add thickness to the lashes.

Using baby powder on the lashes will help increase both thickness, length, and weight if your mascara tends to smudge easily. Apply baby powder onto your lashes before applying mascara. It will help prevent stains and make it look clean and beautiful as well.

2. Quick dry shampoo

Apply a small amount of baby powder to the roots of the hair. Then use a brush to brush all over. Baby powder will help absorb oil on the scalp and add thickness to the hair.

3. Eliminate oil on the face.

If taking pictures in bright light of the flash We recommend applying baby powder to help absorb sweat and reduce oiliness on your face. Especially those with dark skin This is because the darker tones will even more bounce the flash from the camera. You can also brighten the loose powder by adding a little baby powder.

4. Make-up set

Body talc can set makeup in place without the need to buy expensive products. How to use: After makeup is finished, apply a small amount of powder to the entire face.

5. Helps lipstick last long.

Applying a small amount of baby powder during the application of the lipstick will make the lipstick last longer. Start by applying a layer of lipstick first. Then, place the entire paper towel over your lips and use a baby powder brush to brush it onto the lip that has the tissue paper. And then apply the second layer of lipstick over it again Just like this, you can go out and look beautiful outside your home.

6.Absorbs sweat from hot weather.

For those who have to endure the scorching heat in the hot summer. Even if it is at night if there is no air conditioner as well You can use baby powder to sprinkle on the bedding. To help absorb sweat and cool the air

7. Cover scars and scratches.

Use baby powder to sprinkle on minor cuts, such as knife cuts or scratches. Baby powder will help cover the scars that others will see.

8. Take care of your skin when waxing

If you wax any part of the body. You know the pain of waxing. Especially in areas with oily skin or areas that have recently applied new moisturizers. Just sprinkle some baby powder on it before waxing. Wax will stick only to your hair. Not the skin!

9. Prevent sand from sticking

If you go for a walk on the beach and your feet are covered in sand. It is recommended to apply baby powder and gently brush it with a brush. That’s it, the sand will come off easily.

10.Humid feet

If you don’t have time to shower after exercising or wear shoes with your feet still wet and sweaty. We recommend sprinkling baby powder on the inside of your shoes. Baby powder will help absorb sweat and odors from your feet.